Fixed Asset Barcode Labels
How Are Barcodes Used In Your Industry?
Barcode technology is an inexpensive means of tracking virtually anything from documents, to consumable items such as medicine, to high value items used in healthcare such as x-ray and other imaging equipment. Lockwood Worldwide has the barcode technology solution.

The age of mobility software has made it possible to take barcode technology into the palm of your hand and use it anywhere. The information can be scanned and stored on the move and then transferred via a secure wireless network or it can be down loaded by batch to a centralized database.

Lockwood's entry level barcode systems are affordable and very easy to use. Lockwood Worldwide has identified several common uses of barcode technology; however Lockwood can design and implement the right combination of software and hardware for your particular application.

Lockwood’s barcode solutions cover four areas of tracking automation:

Contact Lockwood to learn how barcode and mobility technology can reduce costs, improve productivity and streamline business processes in your organization.

Barcode Solutions
Healthcare- Healthcare professionals are benefiting from barcode technology on a number of levels. Hospitals and pharmacies use bar codes to track medicine and other consumable items through the supply chain. The same technology is being used to track portable and high value bio-medical equipment and other capital assets.

First Responders- Barcodes are being used around the country keeping fire departments prepared to react to emergencies and disasters. Being prepared for such events requires a full accounting for mission critical assets such as vehicles, equipment, tools, and medicine. Lockwood has solutions designed specifically for Patient Tracking and Hydrant Tracking.

Patient Tracking - Comprised of a mobile computer (barcode and/or RFID enabled) with an imager and a software module, patient tracking allows the medical professional and first responders to record user definable patient specific information and capture a picture of the patient.

Law Enforcement- Police Departments are benefiting from barcode tracking on a number of levels ranging from; Armory Check In/Check Out, Evidence Tracking, Prisoner Tracking, Prisoner Cell and Perimeter Check Validation, Document Tracking, to Capital Asset Tracking.

Manufacturing- Manufacturing plants are using barcode technology in all aspects of their business practice from tracking equipment and machinery, to inventory stock levels, to shipping and receiving to storage, to the shop floor. 

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Fixed Asset Barcode Labels