Fixed Asset Inventory Services
Combining precision planning and advanced technology, with experienced professionals, Lockwood Worldwide can quickly and accurately obtain reliable, up-to-date fixed asset inventory information by conducting a physical inventory in any industry.

Lockwood's best in class methods and use of state-of-the-art technologies enable Lockwood's inventory specialists to complete a highly accurate physical count with little to no disruption to your normal daily business operations. Lockwood's physical inventory service is the most comprehensive, at the best value available in the marketplace today.

Lockwood's physical inventory services provide:

  • Collection of required data, specifically tailored to each asset or asset type.
  • Electronic reconciliation of the inventory count with your existing database (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.) or delivery of a complete “base line” inventory for initial database population.
  • Customer defined electronic file format and reporting of results.

Lockwood Worldwide assigns a Project Manager and an Inventory Controller to your organization. Together, they assess your objectives, existing business controls, and asset information standards and conventions. Using this information, a concise plan is created and used to govern specific asset counting methods, information, conventions, schedules, and project stages.

Once Lockwood Worldwide has gained your acceptance of the plan, the Inventory Controller assembles the core inventory team, which is made up of experienced personnel. The Inventory Controller uses the plan to prepare the inventory teams for the project.

Lockwood's asset data collection tools embrace state-of-the-art information collection technologies such as hand-held data collection units (laptops, PDA's, etc.) bar coding, radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless communications, digital imaging (pictures), voice recognition, GPS, and auto-discovery.

Combined with the asset management plan, these tools help Lockwood Specialists conduct a highly efficient and accurate count, quickly.

Information and Data Collection
Lockwood's data collection applications are adaptable to your requirements through the use of definable operating parameters. These operating parameters enable Lockwood's Inventory Specialists to quickly adjust applications to match your information requirements.

Examples include: size of asset labels, types of information to be placed on labels, definition of custom data fields, inclusion of digital pictures, use of your pre-existing lists (departments, employee lists, asset models, etc.), and the definition and auto-assignment of your specific asset numbers.

Lockwood services extend beyond physical inventory and asset tagging. Additional services consist of;

  • Asset Appraisal
  • Best Practices Consulting
  • Experienced RFID and Barcode Label Selection
  • Training and Management
  • Comprehensive Information Reconciliation
Physical Inventory Services
Lockwood Worldwide Inventory Services
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Lockwood Worldwide serves a
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Lockwood offers a comprehensive fixed asset verification & reconciliation service. The service is designed with the intent of; improving the quality of the existing ledger information and improving the process flows that impact asset information as it flows throughout the typical asset life cycle.

This requires objective assessment of the ledger contents and the business rules (internal controls) that support internal asset management. Lockwood has successfully refined this service over the past ten years with our many customer engagements throughout the world.

Lockwood charges an inclusive fixed fee for this service which is dependent upon the scope and complexity of the ledger contents. A typical fixed asset verification engagement can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months - start to finish, depending upon the scope and complexity of the project.

The fixed asset verification service is comprised of five (5) stages:

1.Ledger review and analysis
2.Verification planning
3.Physical asset verification
4.Information management
5.Asset management education

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