Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the most automated and accurate means of tracking assets and consumable inventory available today. The technology consists of two basic components- a tag that is applied to property that is being tracked, and a reader that is used to detect the tag when it is within range.

Stationary or Fixed Readers are strategically mounted throughout a facility and will detect RFID tags when they come within range. This is an automated means to track the movement of tagged assets throughout a facility.

When stationary readers are configured with a smart backend system, the benefits are limitless as you can alert personnel when items are improperly removed in real time, make use of underutilized equipment, locate assets when they are needed, etc.

A Portable or Mobile Reader is built into a mobile computer and can be used anywhere. Mobile readers are generally used to conduct physical inventory. Taking inventory using RFID technology saves on time and manpower as tag detection is automated, many tags can be read at once, and it does not require direct line of sight.

RFID Tags are made up of an electronic chip and an antenna. The chip receives a signal from a reader using its antenna, sends its unique ID back to the reader, which in turn communicates with some intelligent software and makes decisions based on predefined conditions.

Proper RFID tag selection and application plays an important role in RFID implementation. There are countless environmental conditions that can impact tag performance and readability. Lockwood has extensive experience in tag selection and application as we consider all environmental conditions they will be subjected to, duplicate these conditions, and test each tags performance in them.

Lockwood Worldwide offers a variety of RFID based tracking solutions that cover:

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RFID Solutions
How is RFID technology being used in your industry?
Information Technology- IT professionals around the world are using RFID to track their equipment in and out of buildings and secure areas. Whether you are tracking laptops that contain sensitive material throughout a building, or simply need to speed up the physical inventory of your networking and storage environment, RFID is the quickest, most accurate, and least labor intensive solution.

Healthcare- Healthcare professionals are benefiting from RFID technology on a number of levels. Hospitals and pharmacies use RFID to track medicine and other consumable items through the supply chain.

The same technology is being used to track portable and high value bio-medical equipment and other capital assets. By tagging portable equipment with RFID tags and mounting fixed RFID readers (portals) at logical choke points throughout a hospital, you can track the movement of this equipment and find it when you need it.

First Responders- RFID is being used around the country keeping fire departments prepared to react to emergencies and disasters. Being prepared for such events requires a full accounting for mission critical assets such as vehicles, equipment, tools, and medicine.

Law Enforcement- Police Departments are benefiting from RFID tracking on a number of levels ranging from; Armory Check In/Check Out, Evidence Tracking, Prisoner Tracking, Prisoner Cell and Perimeter Check Validation, Document Tracking, to Capital Asset Tracking.

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