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Physical Inventory Services- Lockwood Worldwide offers professional services to help you manage your fixed asset, IT asset and medical asset inventory.  Whether you need a complete wall-to-wall physical inventory, the application of barcode tags or RFID tags, or validation and reconciliation of your current fixed asset register, Lockwood has the inventory specialists to deliver results on time and on budget.
Asset Appraisal- Lockwood conducts fixed asset appraisal and valuation services in conjunction with strategic partners that are recognized industry leaders and subject matter experts. Our professionals' knowledge, qualifications, experience and industry-recognized objectivity make them highly valued in dispute arbitration proceedings, as expert witnesses, and as attorney-advisors.

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Consulting and Management- Are you considering conducting your own internal physical inventory? Planning and executing a wall-to-wall physical inventory can be a daunting task. Lockwood will make the inventory process managable by supplying professional Inventory Controllers to work with you and your staff.  Lockwood will help train your personnel and manage the project in your environment.